Halogen Light with Reflection

Sometimes we don't use direct light to compose an image, instead, we use reflector to create interesting atmosphere.

By adjusting the different angle of light and taking advantage of auxiliary reflectors, like walls or mirrors, it is not too difficult to make attractive light and shadow that photographer wants to present in the images.

Those reflectors can make the light wider and compose a charming image with tender streams of light. Additionally, we can let light pass through a softbox to achieve the differently desired effects.
Softbox is a box cover over the light head and light goes out from softbox would become more graduated and directional.

It is also usual using umbrella to modify the color of light, because the umbrella can have many colors of surface which can reflect different color of light, such as silver, gold, or white.

Thus, in order to get a excellent shot, a photographer should depend on the condition of shooting circumstance to use softbox and umbrella.
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