Snoot & Honeycomb

Okay, at most circumstances, we all shoot photos like neutral and harmonious lighting environments. However, some particular subjects are required to be shown in specific angle or tone of color.

You might try to strengthen the image of the necklace. Also, you think the eyes of the model are pretty beautiful, so you are trying to emphasize it. What would you do? Still using lights that make no differences in the screen? NO! You need Snoot and Honeycomb from Britek?

A snoot is basically a metal tube on a flat piece of metal that mounts to your studio flash unit. The tube is usually only about 3 or so inches across so right off the bat, it is reducing the amount of light coming from your flash unit. The tube is typically 6 to 10 inches long. So what does it do if anything at all? It takes a smaller amount of light (because of the reduced size of the aperture in the metal plate) and lets that light exit the front of the tube. That's it. It confines the light to a somewhat narrower area than the flash unit by itself but only to a degree so there is little benefit from using it. It does not provide any significant control other than a slight amount of pattern narrowing.
Snoot and Honeycomb direct the lights going straightforward to where you are trying to stress. With the honeycomb in place, the light beam becomes narrower and less intensive, and definitely, they are perfect ideal for portrait and product photography.

When you attach the Snoot to the light sets you desired, Snoot produces a small circle of light. A spotlight-like area will appeared in the screen bringing stronger contrast and emphasis to audience. The size of the circle of light will be determined by the opening of the snoot, its length, and the distance of the subject.
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